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Another successful trainers’ training event for the STEPMAN project

The aim of the STEPMAN project (286887) is to create a STEP-NC compliant manufacturing support application for machining technologies such as milling and turning to respond to the global requirement for an interoperable and bidirectional manufacturing platform for SMEs in order to increase their competitiveness. The performance of the application will be tested on milling and turning manufacturing.

As the main technical development is finished the focus is now on knowledge transfer, end-user tests, intensified dissemination and finalisation of exploitation plans in STEPMAN project. In the last months, partners have been focusing on the trainings, system validation and the members of AGs will be more intensively trained to gain an uptake on the extensive knowledge created during STEPMAN. The training activities are aiming at SME-AG and SME members of the consortium to be comprehensively trained by the RTD performers on the results of STEPMAN project and to enable them to further train their members in the use of the system. The trainings are backed up with the great variety of training materials including: presentations, video, printed materials and live prototype demonstrations at the members of the AGs. While the content of the first trainings were more concentrated on the theoretical principles of the development work within STEPMAN, in this last quarter of the project the emphasis is shifted to operate the system by end-users. A successful training session was held by CADCAMation (INNOLAB’s member) in Geneva, Switzerland on 22-23 September 2014. CADCAMation (CH) is situated in Geneva, Switzerland is an Authorized Autodesk Training (ATC) company which provides software training in 2D and 3D design in the AEC fields (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), imaging and mechanical engineering. There are group lessons held in their office on a scheduled basis. Further, personalized and targeted trainings are organized according to the needs of each client in their office or at the customer site. During the training session research partners ATEKNEA-Hungary, ATEKNEA-Poland, BATH (UK) and WZL (DE) covered the following topics using the multimedia training guides: Chapter 1 - Stepman Vision, G-Code translation, Machining Capability Profiles Chapter 2 - Stepman Client Application: CAM Feature Recognition, Process Planning Chapter 3 - System Architecture, Deployment options To increase the publicity of Stepman software a multimedia guide was prepared. The content was formulated according to the previously agreed setup as well as the questions and answers raised during the trainings. The video is available on the project website ( under Documents/Public/Dissemination Materials. With the help of this guide one can easily have an understanding how the software operates. This video provides and interactive and visual introduction of the objectives of the project and also describes the working prototype. In case of INNOLAB’s training not only the AGs but also a number of end-users attended. These events are also considered as platforms for targeted dissemination activities right towards the sector in focus. During the trainings dissemination materials such as leaflets, poster and the multimedia guide video have been circulated, which are all available on the project website.


Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Serbia, United Kingdom