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Rescuecell stimulation exercise yields excellent results

In the margins of the Month 21 Meeting, Rescuecell – a portable kit for detecting people trapped and buried in collapsed buildings, ruins and avalanches – was put to the test in a stimulation exercise in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The testing, carried out in a collapsed building, gave the Rescuecell team a unique opportunity to test out the kit for the first time in a controlled stimulation exercise covering an area of approximately 3000m2. This allowed the team to collate performance data and carry out checks on battery life as well as determine any final improvements to need to be made as the project enters its final phase. “The validation test has been a great success and fruit of lots of hard work. We managed to achieve incredibly promising levels of accuracy so from a technical side we're really happy”, added Leonardo Santiago, Research Engineer and Rescuecell Project Coordinator at Ateknea. Also at the testing site was the mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Lazaros Kirizoglou, who was on hand to support Project Rescuecell and to thank the Helenic Rescue Team for organizing the stimulation exercise. Now Rescuecell engineers involved in this project – co-funded under the EU´s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-SME-315007) – are set to work on minor improvements in the algorithms before the project comes to an end. Further info is available at