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Do you have a successful knowledge/technology transfer story to share that fits with our criteria? Please send us the details of your best story by filling out the form here:

Traditionally, European research institutions report technology transfer output by focusing on quantifiable metrics such as the number of patent applications filed, licenses executed and spin-off companies created. We believe that such numbers only tell part of the story. To create a full and clearer picture of what the output of European research organisations (and, by extension, their knowledge transfer offices) can actually deliver, a more narrative form is required. With this in mind, ASTP-Proton published 'Impact Report for Europe 2012' in May 2013. Following up on its success, we will be coming up with a new “Impact Report for Europe” in 2015. This new report will be published as a hardback booklet, similar to the “Impact Report for Europe 2012”. We will do this with the help of EU funding and the commitment of dedicated volunteers. Goals of the project ASTP-Proton wishes to collect success stories of technology transfer: stories about products, processes and services that have shown a clear economic, environmental and/or societal impact. The report will be distributed through a variety of channels, from handouts at conferences to direct mailings to politicians, policy makers and the media. The goals of this book are: • to emphasise the importance of investment in research and innovation to society • to draw attention on the importance of public research in economical development and the role that is played by knowledge transfer professionals in the innovation value chain. • to highlight the benefits of research by zooming in on particular products, processes and services that have been successfully put on the market and on individuals who benefit from the use or implementation of such products What you can do to help Will you help us complete this book? You can do so by: • distributing this call for impact stories among your members and to public research organisations and/or innovative companies within your country • providing us with successful knowledge/technology transfer stories using the form here: In order for us to be able to consider your story for publication, it must comply with the following eligibility criteria: • the product, process or service is commercialised and successfully launched • the product, process or service builds on original research results obtained at a European public research organization Story criteria Following your submission of stories, the most compelling ones will be selected from the entries according to the following criteria: • the product, process or service represents a major development in its market • the product, process or service has demonstrated a clear societal, environmental and/or economic impact • there is a clear role for technology transfer professionals in transferring technology from academia to industry What’s in it for you? Upon publication of the 'Impact Report for Europe 2015', you will receive a PDF version of the report. You may use this version for electronic dissemination or to produce printed versions yourself. Those of you or your members whose stories have been included in the report will receive a limited number of printed copies. Ready to submit? Prepare your story in word or pdf file and submit it here: Help us strengthen the values of our profession and make the 'Impact Report for Europe 2015' a success. We count on your cooperation.


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