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Discussions in Jūrmala of coordinated investments between Horizon 2020, structural funds, national and regional financing

The European Commission seeks inputs for the future shaping of the health related research and innovation activities and their financing with special attention to macro regions. A theme for the discussion is the Baltic Sea region as one test site for the development of health care products and services and the expected out come an investment catalogue.

The DanuBalt Stakeholder Forum will bring together key participants from all levels (EU, macro and regional) that are interested in influencing and shaping the RDI support policy of the future. The Forum is expected to take place 17th of June in Jūrmala as a back-to-back meeting with the 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. A key delivery is a prioritized investment catalogue to be implemented in future projects. An overall theme is the Baltic Sea region as one test site for the development of health care products and services in line with established strategies, read more at The overall objective of the DanuBalt project - funded by the EU Commission (Horizon 2020) - is to explore novel pathways and integrate already proven approaches in addressing the divide between less performing RDI regions and lead innovating regions between and within the Danube and the Baltic Sea region. The Stakeholder Forum in Jūrmala is organised by ScanBalt® fmba. In total 5 stakeholder fora are being organised in the DanuBalt project and the overall responsible for the fora is Fakultni Nemocnice u SV Anny v Brne in the Czech Republic. The DanuBalt project is coordinated by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum in Germany. For further information on the DanuBalt Stakeholder Forum in Jūrmala please contact and see For information on ScanBalt BioRegion see