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Release of 3rd NANoREG Newsletter

It is our great pleasure to present to you the third NANoREG Newsletter. Please follow this link:

Within this publication, you will find information about the: 1. Categorization/input from OECD-meeting(s) 2. Summary of the evaluation results of the 10 OECD protocols 3. Outstanding results from NANoREG’s scientific work packages > Report on the most relevant results obtained within WP2-5 activities > WP1: Scientific answers to regulatory issues > WP2: Synthesis, supplying and characterization > WP3: Exposure through life cycle analysis > Assessment of the efficacy of risk management measures toward nanomaterials > WP4: Biokinetics and toxicity testing in vivo > WP5: Advancement of Regulatory Risk Assessment and Testing > WP6: Keeping pace with innovation, Safe-by-design, an update > WP7: Liaisons, Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication; Report from the ECHA October 2014 Workshop on the Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials; 4. EuroNanoForum, Joint participation of NANoREG, SIINN and ProSafe 5. Other events We hope, you appreciate the information given in this newsletter and kindly invite you to send feedback on its content to the NANoREG service desk‎ or to the editorial team of the newsletter The NANoREG-Newsletter-Team


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