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Content archived on 2023-03-23

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A novel biomixer design to aid efficient enzymatic hydrolysis of diverse feedstocks

Transforming household waste into an environmentally and financially valuable resource is the aim of the EU funded Waste2Go project, which seeks to valorise municipal solid waste (MSW) for social and economic benefit.

The Project’s main objective is the innovative transformation of the biogenic fraction of MSW, which accounts for over 55%, into chemicals with an economic value greater than its use as an energy source. At the beginning of the project a series of trials took place, which pre-treated various waste streams in an autoclave. This produced a partially hydrolysed feedstock for the enzyme digestion. To further process the waste generated by the autoclave process, a novel engineering system for handling the viscous materials produced by the pre-treatment process have been developed to produce sufficient amounts of enzyme for small-scale digestion trials. This process and the novel biomixer design is introduced further below. Continue reading at:


Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom