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Asset sharing in the Baltic Sea Region – business and sustainability hand in hand in health care

Asset sharing in the Baltic Sea region allows companies and institutions to share equipment, services, facilities and the skills & knowledge of personnel on the ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace in a safe, quick and easy way.

The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is a new sharing marketplace for healthcare organizations on which they share idle capacity, facilities, and staff amongst each other. The Marketplace is powered by the well-established and internationally recognized FLOOW2 platform. Local and regional companies or organizations can use this platform to engage in the sharing economy and generate additional turnover by selling or renting out assets to other organizations in the ScanBalt BioRegion. Participating businesses can also lower their costs when they temporarily rent or buy capacity from neighboring companies or organizations. Asset sharing is both financially beneficial and promotes sustainability. “The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is a new step in strengthening cooperation within and between regions around the Baltic Sea” says Daan Bultje, Director Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands, Vice Chairman of ScanBalt® fmba. “Creating benefits for the regions and their companies and organizations is the core of ScanBalt. The ScanBalt Sharing Market Place is doing just that” adds General Secretary of ScanBalt® fmba Peter Frank. The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace unites supply and demand and creates transparency concerning who has what, and where and when it will be available. ScanBalt is the first international health network to apply asset sharing tools. For more information: Go to the ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace at or see the short introductory video (1:16) at


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