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Content archived on 2023-04-12

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The BRICKER video

Public buildings typically use 40% more energy than the residential sector. Therefore, energy efficiency is essential to EU energy policy.

The EU-funded project Bricker is addressing this by retrofitting two showcase public buildings in Belgium and Turkey: a university and a hospital. In particular, heating and cooling public buildings remains expensive and has not generally been resolved in Europe. The project team aims not only to reduce energy demand, but also to change how energy is produced. Therefore they are combining improved biomass boilers and cogeneration systems such as the Organic Rankin Cycle that generates both, heat and electricity, and testing them for cost effectiveness, efficiency and emissions. Around 50% in energy savings is expected! As each building has its own individual challenges, the project seeks to deliver state-of-the-art energy efficient renovation for real buildings in different countries and climates to ensure that other cities around the world can replicate the Bricker solutions. Watch the video here:


energy efficiency, retrofitting


Belgium, Spain, Türkiye