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Content archived on 2023-04-12

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The Factsheet with key messages about bio-based cleaning products is now available

Communication about bio-based products can be tricky. Messages should be easy to understand and, at the same time, communicate the most important issues about functionality and sustainability in a scientifically correct way without being misleading.

While much information on bio-based products is available, it is often too technical and difficult to understand for consumers. For this reason, BioCannDo develops a series of factsheets with key messages on various bio-based products. The first factsheet is about household cleaning products; it contains a set of key messages developed by the BioCannDo team after an exchange with sector associations and manufacturers; our key messages have also been tested in consumer focus groups. The factsheet about bio-based household cleaning products is addressed to other projects, initiatives and actors who want to communicate about bio-based cleaning products. In addition to the key messages, short background information is provided within the factsheet. The key messages can serve a basis for communication activities and they have been designed for sharing. Additional communication materials on the same topic have been developed by the BioCannDo team: • “Plants and minerals to clean the house”: our video clip answering the most important questions from consumers around bio-based cleaning products; • “Bio-based household cleaning products”: a slideshow with insights into the perception of bio-based cleaners by consumers and producers; • “Bio-based cleaning products: What can I expect from them?”: our post answering the most frequently asked questions about bio-based cleaning products; • “Labels for cleaning products and what they mean”: our brief overview of a few common labels for cleaning products and what they mean; In the course of the project, more key messages on bioeconomy in general, insulation materials and food packaging will be developed and published. Click here to receive an update from the BioCannDo team when they will be available: Key messages and other communication materials can be used freely, when crediting the BioCannDo project.




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