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By organising this OpenCourseWare Competition, the SlideWiki Consortium invites participants to create and import high-quality educational content in the SlideWiki platform. This educational content will have the form of slide presentations and will be directly related to secondary education, vocational and professional training, higher education and/or community-driven open education with contributions from academics, teachers and learners with disabilities.

Participants should create reusable, repurposable and multilingual material in a crowdsourcing way. The five participant teams that will receive the highest grading by the reviewers in each one of the following categories and will meet the standard requirements in terms of content quality and slides’ number, set by the reviewers, will receive prize money of 500 euros each. Since the focus will be on quality and quantity, teams that will create high-quality content and many slides, i.e. >200, impressing thus the reviewers, will be awarded the double prize, i.e. 1000 euros each. Important dates for participants (2018): Deadline for creating learning materials: October 1 Final decision by the Evaluation Committee and Prize money awarded: November 1 The prize money will be transferred to the bank account of the team leader of each winning team. Important information about the Competition's process and requirements can be accessed here: SlideWiki (EU Project – EU ICT-20-2015, Horizon 2020 Project under Grant Agreement No 688095) is an open courseware tool that aims to exploit the wisdom, creativity and productivity of the crowd for the creation of qualitative, rich, engaging educational content. With SlideWiki, users can create and collaborate on slides, diagrams and assessments, and arrange this content in richly structured course presentations. The SlideWiki EU project started in 2016 with 17 partners from Europe and Brazil using the award-winning open-source SlideWiki platform as a basis, aiming to create a large-scale accessible learning and teaching platform using educational technology, skill recognition and global collaboration. Due to the fact that the creation of comprehensive OpenCourseWare (OCW) is tedious, time consuming and expensive, the courseware employed by teachers, instructors and professors is incomplete, outdated, inaccessible to those with disabilities and dull. With the open-source SlideWiki platform, the effort of the creation, translation and evolution of highly structured remixable OCW can be crowdsourced. Similarly to Wikipedia for encyclopaedic content, SlideWiki allows to collaboratively create comprehensive OCW (curricula, slide presentations, self-assessment tests, illustrations, etc.) online with the objective to semi-automatically translate this content in more than 50 different languages, to improve the translations in a collaborative manner, and to support engagement and social networking of educators and learners around that content. Project website: SlideWiki platform website:


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Brazil, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, United Kingdom