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By organising this OpenCourseWare (OCW) Competition, the SlideWiki Consortium invites participants to create and import high-quality educational content in the SlideWiki platform. This educational content will have the form of slide presentations and will be directly related to secondary education, vocational and professional training, higher education and/or community-driven open education with contributions from academics, teachers and learners with disabilities.

After popular demand, we are happy to announce the extension of SlideWiki’s OpenCourseWare (OCW) Competition. Participants should create reusable, repurposable and multilingual material in a crowdsourcing way. Important information Final (hard) deadline: Monday, 5 November at 9:00 a.m. CET, Germany time. The Evaluation Committee, which will consist of the Core Consortium Partners, will decide on the winners per categories the week of the 5th to the 9th of November. The selected winners will be contacted on Monday, 12 November, via email, to the emails they used to create their profile on the SlideWiki platform ( and will have to provide their complete and correct bank details and any other information required by Friday, 16 November EOB, the latest. The transfer of the money prizes will be implemented the week from 19 to 23 November. All dates are for the year 2018. Selected winners who do not respond to the emails and will not provide their complete bank details and any other information required until Friday, 16 November the latest, will be disqualified and excluded from the competition. All participants are responsible to monitor their emails and reply swiftly before the indicated deadline. Only the selected winners will be contacted via email. Winners will also be asked to provide additional information and they are responsible for timely replies and response to emails that will be sent to them by the SlideWiki Consortium, where SlideWiki will be part of the email subject. As of now, there are no blacklisted countries, which means that money can be transferred to personal bank accounts in Europe and beyond. Should any change occur in the meantime, the University Administration will make the final decision and will not be liable for this. Organisations and individuals can participate in this competition on their own (individually) or as a team. In the case of winning teams, the prize money will be transferred to the bank account of the team leader only. Individuals directly paid by the SlideWiki project’s budget, either as Core Consortium Partners or via the already awarded External Subcontracts, are excluded from this competition. They are asked however to disseminate the competition via their communication channels, in order to raise the competition’s visibility. All the conditions of the competition remain the same, as indicated here. The participants are fully responsible for complying with the indicated terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions here: We wish you the very best of success!!!


Brazil, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, United Kingdom