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COMPACT starts trials of cybersecurity solution for Local Public Administration

Five municipalities test cybersecurity tools to help improve public sector services and keep citizens’ data secure. COMPACT’s trials run from December 2018 until July 2019. COMPACT reaches milestone 4 – First Integrated Platform and Trials setup.

COMPACT entered the trials phase of the project at the beginning of December 2018. Five European municipalities will be testing 13 cybersecurity tools and services to improve public services. The trials will focus on Risk Assessment, Security Awareness Training, Cybersecurity Monitoring and Knowledge Sharing Services, and will run until July 2019. The Local Public Authorities (LPAs) of Afragola and Bologna (IT), Donostia San-Sebastian (ES), Amadora (PT), and Bremerhaven (DE) will test the solutions provided by COMPACT in 10 different scenarios previously defined in the project. Each LPA will test two scenarios, targeting 268 employees in total from the Local Public Authorities participating in the project. The Local Public Authorities’ employees will train on cybersecurity issues based on realistic situations that arise in daily work tasks, depicting potentially dangerous situations that represent high levels of vulnerability to cyberattacks. The topics covered by the scenarios of training are: the channelling of information, improvement of network monitoring through the use of additional tools, overcoming psychological barriers, securing ubiquitous smart working, supporting interaction between expert and non-expert employees, protecting against bad habits in the workplace, supporting standards-based ISMS implementation, monitoring GDPR compliance, achieving compliance in risk management, and continuous and adaptive improvement of cybersecurity awareness. The training materials, with a strong focus on gamification in order to ensure high levels of motivation and interest from the employees, will be tested for six months, through interviews, questionnaires and focus groups.


Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal

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