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Project of the Month: Innovative Spanish SME launches its highly efficient and environmentally-friendly SmartPodX

This month we’re highlighting the success of Spanish SME Submer that, with the help of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument funding, completed its R&D phase in March 2018 and after just a few months had already launched the fourth iteration of its Immersion Cooling solution, the SmartPodX. The SmartPodX was presented at the 2019 edition of the prestigious Open Compute Project Summit that recently took place in San José, California.

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The SmartPodX platform is the world’s first liquid Immersion Cooling system that conforms to the standard 19-inch server format and also to the OCP specification for high-performance, supercomputing and hyperscale infrastructure. Submer’s new Immersion Cooling solution was welcomed as a ‘game-changer’ by data centre experts. From a technical point-of-view, Submer’s solution has made it possible to achieve previously unrivalled IT hardware densities and easily dissipate >100 kW per rack footprint. In terms of practicality, this translates into unprecedented computational capacity for data centres, HPC, hyperscalers, research centres, etc. On top of all this, SmartPodX is environmentally-friendly, saving 50 % in electricity output when compared to competitors, and uses a proprietary dielectric fluid (SmartCoolant) that is completely biodegradable and non-toxic. “SmartPodX represents our new line of Immersion Cooling SmartPods designed to power the next generation of high-performance servers and supercomputers built to the latest OCP specifications. Our hyper-efficient SmartPodX will allow the creation of the world’s first GREEN supercomputers and usher in a new wave of research and technical innovation.” - Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer If you are interested in having your project featured in ‘Project of the Month’ in an upcoming issue, please send us an email to and tell us why!