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Diamonds for technical progress: what is the innovation capacity and the social and political impacts of the DIACAT project?

The approach of the DIACAT consortium lays the foundation for the removal and transformation of carbon dioxide and at the same time a chemical route to store and transport energy from renewable sources. This will have a transformational impact on society as whole by bringing new opportunities for sustainable production and growth.

Dr Jean-Charles Arnault (CEA), Prof. Christoph Nebel (Fraunhofer), Prof. John Foord (UOXF), Prof. Emad Flear Aziz (HZB) and Dr. Boyan Iliev (IOLITEC) discussed the role of their institution in the EU funded DIACAT research project at the Kick-Off Meeting in Würzburg, Germany and about the social and political impact of the FET open project in general. Watch the related videos here: - - - - -


photocatalytic conversion, CO2, sunlight


Germany, France, Sweden, United Kingdom