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How to use equity crowdfunding for financing innovative SMEs

We are pleased to invite you to our Altfinator “equity crowdfunding webinar”- June 13th at 11:30 am (CET). This one-hour webinar faces the lack of awareness and trust on crowdfunding instruments, combining views of crowdfunding provider and SME.

Industrial Technologies

Altfinator aims at stimulating alternative finance instruments (other than bank finance) among innovative SMEs. A professional equity crowdfunding online platform will present what are the benefits for SMEs of this type of finance, what might be the risks and how they are mitigated, and how it works in practice. An innovative SME will tell its successful experience in raising finance through equity crowdfunding, how/why they decided to use this financing instrument? How they got to succeed in the finance raising campaign? What should be considered by SMEs when raising this type of finance? The webinar will end with a ‘questions & answers’ session. You can register here!


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