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MERIL Case study: Mapping out science in the Upper Rhine region

In the newly published MERIL case study, find out more about how the database helped the EU-funded RMTMO RI project.


The RMTMO RI project – Stärkung der Forschungsinfrastruktur in der Metropolregion Oberrhein (Strengthening research infrastructure in the Upper Rhine Metropolitan region) – is a three-year project, which is being carried out by 14 universities and research institutions led by the University of Freiburg. It began in 2017 with the aim to establish a cross-border research infrastructure (RI) to strengthen the academic bonds between these countries, creating a truly European institution where scientists from across Europe have a platform to collaborate. Find out how the MERIL database enabled RMTMO to build a more accurate picture of the research infrastructure landscape by providing an added layer of detail on top of the national strategic roadmaps. Read the full case study here: