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Content archived on 2023-04-13

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How to communicate the bioeconomy: 10 insights from the BioCannDo project

Informing consumers about the bioeconomy and raising awareness for bio-based products remains a major communication challenge. However, what can a successful communication look like?

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The BioCannDo project has now published a new booklet with 10 insights about the communication of bio-based products. The publication presents lessons learned, ideas and suggestions with clear and practical examples for other projects, initiatives and multipliers who themselves communicate about the bioeconomy. Questions discussed include: What are the most important topics to be communicated about bio-based products? Which online formats were successful? What are the advantages and disadvantages of certain formats? How can advertising campaigns help disseminating project results? How can consumers be involved? What educational formats work? The insights are not a blueprint of a communication strategy for all communication projects. Prerequisites, means and objectives of initiatives across Europe are too different for a one-size-fits-all model. Rather, the brochure is intended to share the experience gathered during the course of the BioCannDo project and provide food for thoughts for future projects. What makes BioCannDo unique is its focus on consumer communication. The project developed a consumer website www.AllThings.Bio which provides a broad range of communication materials, formats and resources. The project team also engaged with other communication projects to share good practices. Experts and consumers were brought together in workshops and focus groups to develop key communication messages. Educational materials were mapped and new materials were developed to help teachers have easy access to teaching aids on the bioeconomy. More in-depth recommendations will be made available on www.AllThings.Bio when the project ends. The booklet “The BioCannDo experience: Let’s talk about bio-based products” can be downloaded here:


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