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Nottingham City Council turns unused assets into green energy hot spots

The city builds on award-winning initiative with expansion of public solar carport

The installation at the Ken Martin Leisure Centre is currently the UK’s largest solar carport, spanning nine separate, specially built roofs. The 355 panels will generate 80,000 kWh of electricity and cut the council’s carbon footprint by almost 40 tonnes a year. The new system at Ken Martin will generate free green electricity for the leisure centre, saving an estimated ten thousand pounds a year, and excess capacity will be exported to the grid, generating income for the council. Such investment in green energy solutions such as this has put the council on track to meet its 2020 target to reduce its own carbon emissions by 31% and to meet the citywide target of a 26% reduction in emissions. Councillor Alan Clark, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Energy and Sustainability, said: “The solar carport is an ingenious solution for maximising our assets, generating income and lowering the city’s carbon emissions. Car parks, although serving a practical purpose and being very necessary for the thousands of customers who visit our leisure centres, are not usually seen as cutting edge. It’s really exciting that we have been able to extend the usefulness of this space and invest in a green energy supply for Nottingham.” Read more:


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