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REMOURBAN maps key smart characteristics of over 40 cities in 18 countries

With a wealth of insight and practical principals being generated by the project, REMOURBAN has worked to characterise and identify cities best placed to replicate and accelerate smart city innovation

Smart, sustainable urban transformation in mid-size cities can take many forms across the EU, so an extensive analysis based on publicly available quantitative statistics and qualitative indicators helps take stock and pinpoint further action. To navigate this, follower city Seraing, Belgium, applied a multi-criteria typology to data sets to generate homogeneous groups of cities on which to evaluate the replicability potential of REMOURBAN model. The analysis gives a great insight into the strengths, weaknesses and development of smarter cities on a number of levels. Three pillars of energy, ICT and mobility were evidently examined; but the report also delves into issues such as: • Integrated infrastructures and processes • Governance and civic involvement • City processes • Access to financial instruments In this respect, the report makes for lively reading for anyone in the smart city sector and particularly those involved in medium size cities. For REMOURBAN specifically, the next steps will consist of identifying the main features of each of this cluster as basis for the further replication activities and seeking to engage with them properly to share the project knowledge. Register on to get access to this report and further deliverables of the project here:


sustainability, energy, citizen engagement, governance, finance, infrastructure, ICT, mobility, environment, smart city, evaluation, data, statistic, report