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Innovation and development of a new lock with built-in electronics

Tecnalia, together with the CVL and DORLET brands, has developed a new lock with built-in electronics that is going to be marketed under the CVL brand within the INDECO range.

Together, they have developed a new lock with an electrical-electronic system built into the inside of it; it also has an exclusive, innovative design that will enable it to be easily incorporated into different access systems equipped with any actuator. The product offers greater security, like for example in the case of hotels, since the system is built into the inside of the door. Current systems are more vulnerable as the system installed is fitted onto the outside of the door. The incorporation of the electronic system into the lock will allow access systems that are more innovative, will offer greater security and have a more attractive appearance. Architects and decorators will be able to avail themselves of a product that will allow the use of fittings most suited to the design, particularly when one is talking about a minimalist design. So no electronic shield will need to be fitted if one wants to open a door from the outside by means of an electric impulse or card reader. The aim behind using a lock with a built-in design using various access managers is to obtain systems that have more functions and are more flexible. The increase in security is provided by the automatic drawing of the bolt once the door has been closed. This system offers a level of security that is higher than in conventional systems. To facilitate exit in an emergency, for example, the antipanic system built into the lock allows the door to be opened instantly from inside by using the handle, even though the bolt has been drawn. This type of opening would simplify access for disabled people. The consortium has been formed by SISTEMAS VALLE LÉNIZ (CVL trade mark), a company with expertise in lock design; DORLET, a company with expertise in access management systems; and Tecnalia, the centre for applied research accredited with Product Certification under the Construction Products Directive.