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Retrofit technology & initiatives get grilled at BBQ meet up in Lund, Sweden

CITyFiED demonstration site in Lund, Sweden continues citizen engagement initiatives with an afternoon BBQ and discussions about energy savings and local energy production. The event featured as a European Union ‘Energy Day’ on sustainable energy.

The early Swedish summer was at its best when housing authority LKF arranged a BBQ party for the tenants in Linero district. City of Lund participated discussion sustainable development, while the power producing company Kraftringen demonstrated solar cells and discussed energy saving measures. The BBQ event attracted lots of tenants and both old and young where pizza and grilled lamb, mixed side-by-side with electric bike trials and visiting clowns. It marked a starting point of a major stage of retrofitting work. During a two -year period, the buildings on the south side of Vikingavägen will be renovated and get a better climate shell with increased comfort. Tenants will also have the opportunity to influence their consumption of hot water through the installation of individual hot water metering. Also charging will be individual and tenants will pay for their own consumption. During the reconstruction LKF has worked actively to increase the understanding and awareness of the tenants. About two years ago they held the first meeting, and since then regular information sessions, workshops and demonstrations/exhibitions have been arranged to raise awareness. It is now three weeks into the major stage of the retrofitting and LKF has received only positive feedback from tenants. “It's important that we have the tenants with us when we do an extensive renovations like this”, says Victoria Silfverberg responsible for housing the company's dialogue with the tenants of Linero during the retrofitting project. Already during the autumn the first apartments in the area where completed and the district heating system has been renovated, with extensive excavation work and the replacement of district heating pipes. The district heating system is now equipped with modern control technology and efficient heat exchangers which further reduces the energy need in the area. Properties in the area with a slightly higher energy demand because they have washhouse or district heating pumps, will be equipped with solar cells providing local production of renewable energy. The solar cells will produce approximately 70,000 kWh of electricity a year. Tenants can affect their energy consumption Tenants in Linero will have access to modern tools to monitor and reduce their energy consumption and costs. Visualizations as home applications will give residents the opportunity to get an overview of what is their main energy consumers and a quick feedback on what behaviors that pays back in form of lower costs and less environmental impact. To take further steps towards a more sustainable Linero Kraftringen installs chargers for electric vehicles in the area. They provide tenants in Libero with an opportunity to also reduce carbon emission generated outside the home. “The challenges we faced in Linero is also found in many residential areas in Sweden and around Europe. With innovative solutions, we can increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings in a cost-effective manner”, says Liisa Fransson who is project leader for Kraftringen in the CITyFiED project.


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