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Energy solutions for smart cities and communities - The CONCERTO Initiative of the European Commission presents two new videos

The two videos show best practices and are published under “Saving Energy in your District” is focusing on educational and other public buildings “Energy Management in the Data-Concerto” is focusing on database monitoring

The CONCERTO Initiative of the European Commission, DG Energy, has co-funded 58 cities and communities in 22 projects and 23 countries. The initiative has started in 2005 and will last until 2014. The projects are role models for energy efficiency in buildings and communities. CONCERTO communities demonstrate new realistic models to get close to zero energy communities. The results will pave the way for a future European legislation in the form of energy policy recommendations for the 2020 energy and climate change targets and the 2050 Energy Roadmap. CONCERTO demonstrates good examples for sustainable district development as well as for refurbishment in buildings. The two videos show best practices and are published under Saving Energy In Your District, Educational and other Public Buildings in Ostfildern, Germany The first video is about energy solutions in public buildings, especially in the town hall and an educational building in Ostfildern. And about Jürgen Fahrlaender, former First Mayor of Ostfildern, talking about the importance of social interaction between different generations. Energy Management in the Data-Concerto in Ostfildern, Germany, an example of database monitoring and smart metering The second video is about transparency in the energy management of Scharnhauser Park in Ostfildern. And about Frank Hettler, Ostfildern's energy manager. His job is to reduce energy consumption, especially in public buildings with the help of database monitoring. Every protagonist in the video embodies a clear message : “If others can manage, why should I hesitate to try it as well!” They will give the incentive to encourage future projects. What comes next? The cities of Växjö (SE), Måbjerg (DK), Amsterdam (NL), Salzburg (AT), Óbuda (HU), Grenoble (FR), Lyon (FR), Cerdanyola del Vallès (ES), Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES), Milton Keynes (UK) and North Tipperay (IR), have been selected to be shown as further role models. All movies will lead into a kaleidoscope of fascinating characters including a mayor, city planner, city commissioner for energy management, teenager, residents of retrofitted buildings etc. The protagonists are either project partners in CONCERTO or concerned by the measures of CONCERTO. So they represent different target groups of CONCERTO. These real characters are authentic and at the same time represent role models in order to personify processes of change, professional skills and success. Further best practices in other European cities will be published in June 2013. The videos will illustrate: • the vision of the CONCERTO Initiative • the project planning process • energy efficiency measures in buildings of residential, educational, office and industrial use o retrofitting measures o zero energy buildings • how to apply a mixture of innovative energy technologies, for example poly-generation, cooling, district heating, energy storage • data monitoring and the CONCERTO monitoring database • how cities realize awareness activities for citizens • how cities develop buildings and districts in a sustainable way • the political impact of CONCERTO and the bridge to the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership The movies address: investors, local authorities, material suppliers, designers, urban planners, developers, energy utilities, contractors, engineers, tenants as well as owners at the same time. Production and direction: fechnerMEDIA:production http// Coordination and Contact: CONCERTO Premium at Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum Valerie Bahr, Senior Project Manager, E-Mail: Anette Mack, Senior Manager Public Relations, E-Mail:


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom