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Video Interviews on EUROFORGEN-NoE Security Project - The European Forensic Genetics Network of Excellence portrayed from different angles

This EU-funded FP7 research project advances the field of forensic genetics research. 16 partners from nine European countries have joined forces to develop innovative methods and reliable standards for the analysis and interpretation of genetic data, thus improving crime detection and public safety. The optimisation of existing techniques and the development of new and more accurate methods alone are not sufficient for constant improvement. The lack of coordinated research and its targeted support at European level strongly limits progress in this field of research. EUROFORGEN NoE is the first collaborative research project addressing this challenge. Fore more information on EUROFORGEN, have a look at:


Forensic, Forensic Genetics, DNA profiling, DNA Analysis, Crime Resolution, Predictive Genetics, EUROFORGEN-NoE


Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom