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Business Support in Motion: New Animated Clip on IP Commercialisation

The European IPR Helpdesk has just released its third animated clip which can be accessed through the website ( and via YouTube ( The clip focuses on the commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP) providing businesses and SMEs with useful insights into the process and challenges of bringing their intellectual assets to market.

Besides stressing the significance of a smart IP strategy, the clip outlines the necessary steps towards smart IP management and introduces some of the tools available for IP protection and commercialisation. Organisations providing IP and innovation support in Europe and interested in directly embedding the clip on their website, may get in touch with the European IPR Helpdesk's communications team at The European IPR Helpdesk provides a number of materials and services on IP Commercialisation. Interested people and organisations may download the PDF version of the “Guide to IP Commercialisation” or a series of factsheets developed by the European IPR Helpdesk. The event calendar on the website provides an overview on different online and on-site training activities in 2017. About the European IPR Helpdesk The European IPR Helpdesk is a project funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement No 641474. It supports cross-border SME and research activities to manage, diffuse and valorise technologies and other Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and IP assets at an EU level. Offering a broad range of informative material, a Helpline service for direct IP support and on-site and online training, the European IPR Helpdesk's main goal is to support IP capacity building along the full scale of IP practices: from awareness to strategic use and successful exploitation. This IP competencies empowerment focuses on EU SMEs, participants and candidates in EU-funded projects, and EU innovation stakeholders for an increased diffusion of IP into the EU innovation ecosystem. The support provided by the European IPR Helpdesk should not be considered as of a legal or advisory nature. For further information and full legal disclaimer, please refer to:


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