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AquaSmart Analysis Training Programme – Portugal

Following the recent successful presentations at the 5th Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries in China, the Aquaculture Summit in Malaysia and the aquaSmart training workshop in Dublin, the aquaSmart consortium is pleased to hold a second data analytics training workshop in Olhão, Portugal on the 26th January 2017 for the fish farming community. The workshop will be held at Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA).

aquaSmart ( involves a number of fish farmers in the project. Through intense engagement with these farmers, our scientific and information communication partners involved in the project were able to understand the requirements for a data analytics platform that delivers valued benefits - which today is enjoyed by the participating fish farmers. These fish farmers include Andromeda Group (Spain), Ardag Ashdod (Israel) and Grammos (Greece). In this context, the training workshop introduces data analytics to fish farmers. The event also demonstrates the platform and is also used to provide details on business cases for the fish farming community. In short, the aquaSmart platform helps aquaculture companies to transform their raw data into knowledge via accurate business-driven analytical models, in a seamless and efficient process. The platform enables fish farmers to identify the parameters influencing the success of the production from the environmental parameters, to feed types, feed composition, feeding rates and practices, net changes, production management strategies and many others. These relationships can be very complex and difficult to understand. Until the beta-release of the platform, only empirical knowledge on the effect of those parameters to the growth, cost, health and production time of the fish existed. With aquaSmart, fish farmers can now verify and quantify this influence. They can create machine learning models in which all the possible parameters (from the set of potentially important parameters that are identified using the statistics) are used as predictors. The platform can then provide an estimation of the significance of each parameter. Based on that, the fish farmers can focus on the areas that are most important to them or will bring the maximum improvement on performance. The workshop event is ‘free’ to attend. We invite interested parties from the aquaculture community to join us at the workshop in Olhão. For workshop and registration details please contact Fernando Ferreira ( or by telephone @ +351 212 948 529. Thank you. Tom Flynn, aquaSmart Communications Manager. Twitter: @TomFlynnConsult Skype: tomflynn172


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