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Best paper award for the Absolute project team

During the 5th International Conference on Personal Satellite Services (PSATS 2013) held in Toulouse last June, the paper “Airborne Base Stations for Emergency and Temporary Events” received the Best Paper Award. The award represents a very important achievement for the ABSOLUTE project team.

The paper introduces the ABSOLUTE system which is a rapidly deployable wireless network architecture based on Aerial low flying communication platforms and portable land units to support disaster-relief operations, and to extend capacity provisioning during temporary mass events. The system integrates various radio technologies such as 3GPP LTE, WLAN and TETRA to provide heterogeneous communications at the deployment area. The idea is that this system could be deployed by network companies during temporary events such as the Olympic Games, or by first responders to an emergency event to set up the vital communications infrastructure necessary to coordinate emergency services. The news about the article appeared in the MIT technology review and was also reported by a web magazine that provides the best consumer electronics coverage. ABSOLUTE, an EU-funded (FP7) research initiative aims at developing resilient communication networks which are rapidly deployable and can provide broadband multi-service, secure and dependable connectivity for large coverage areas affected by large scale unexpected events (like natural disasters) leading to the partial or complete unavailability of the terrestrial communication infrastructure, or for temporary events leading to the demand for very high throughput and augmented network capacity. CREATE-NET, as partner of the ABSOLUTE project, is a key partner involved in the design and implementation of flexible and delay-sensitive 4G communication architectures (LTE-A and beyond) enabled by wireless network virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN) to integrate easily manageable and lightweight packet core solutions for tactile applications. Further, CREATE-NET has also established a solid collaboration locally in Trentino with the Protezione Civile Trento and Trentino Network in order to gather the user requirements pertaining to public safety and security.