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Launched at the European Parliament the European Service Centre for the sea - CS MARE

Presented on February 8th, the new European operator active in maritime affairs and integrated policies will foster and support the European projects related to the blue economy.

Brussels, February 8, 2017 – The new operator called “Centro Servizi per il Mare” will be presented at the initiative of MEP Isabella De Monte at the European Parliament on Wednesday, 8th February 2017. The Centre was established by a memorandum of understanding between public and private administrations, national and international, in the context of the blue economy, the integrated maritime policies and the intermodal transport in order to promote the industry's interests with the European institutions. CS Mare is a platform that works as a catalyst to create exchanges and synergies, between the Italian System (public and private) and the European System, especially regarding the national production sector, in particular the small and medium enterprises, and the European institutions, supporting the development of strategic initiatives for the country. In this case, “Centro Servizi per il Mare” supports the development of some strategic projects funded through the CEF – Connecting Europe Facility Program, established by the European Union, aimed at: • implementation of the Italian distribution network of liquefied natural gas (LNG); projects related to this issue have been grouped together in an initiative called GAINN_IT; • development of integrated systems for the monitoring of maritime traffic: MONALISA and STM Validation projects; • promotion of the safety in the sea: Project PICASSO. The “Centro Servizi per il Mare”- as the General Director of the Centre, as well as President of the Italian Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, Evelin Zubin explains - wants to meet the needs of all those organisations, public and private, that find themselves struggling with the maze of European Institutions. We collect and organise critical information about the possible raising of funds, we facilitate the dialogue with the relevant departments of the European Commission, we promote and ultimately implement projects in the European framework that have a specific focus, as our name itself suggests, in the areas of maritime affairs and integrated maritime policies”. "Regardless of dedicated funds - continues Zubin - our strategy is to use all types of funds available to try to bring as many resources as possible to the sea economy. Even in programs that are specific to other sectors, such as ERASMUS PLUS dedicated to training, or LIFE dedicated to environmental policies or the programs related to the European Territorial Cooperation, we aim to submit planning proposals aiming at the blue growth of the sea-economy”. The framework for European funding in the field of the economy of the sea is very broad. In addition to the specific program for transports and transport infrastructures (Connecting Europe Facility), we have to take into consideration also Horizon 2020, which is articulated on the axis of Smart, Green and Integrated Transport, which is divided into three sub strands: Mobility for Growth, Green Vehicles, Small Business and Fast Track Innovation for Transport. Not to mention all the programs related to the Blue Economy, which include among others funds from the EMFF - European Maritime and Fisheries Fund - and the funds dedicated to the Maritime Spatial Planning. Only in recent times, thanks to the intervention of the centre “Centro Servizi per il Mare”, a series of activities have been planned and projects have already been undertaken or are in progress for a total amount of over 100 million euro.


Multimodality, LNG vessels, CEF