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Content archived on 2023-04-03

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Foreseeing the future of cyber security

Cyber security analysis tool securiCAD® released in version 1.2.0

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures are among the biggest threats today’s society may face. To protect the IT of critical infrastructures is the goal of the EU-funded project CyberWiz. CyberWiz aims at the development and implementation of the software securiCAD® and corresponding consulting services. The software securiCAD® is developed by the Stockholm-based company foreseeti AB, a spin-off of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. securiCAD® has the ability to model complex networks and to proactively simulate Cyber-attacks to the network. It discovers all vulnerabilities, their mutual dependencies, the critical attack paths and estimates the time it takes an attacker to seriously compromise the security of the network. securiCAD® is now available in version 1.2.0 with an improved GUI and many new features that make a security consultant’s life much easier. Among these features are the possibility to combine network assets to so-called “components”, which may be reused again and again, and the introduction of a hierarchical structure for models. Also, the new version of securiCAD® is now able to visualize critical attack paths to the designated targets. Along the way securiCAD® points out critical vulnerabilities and gives hints for their remediation. securiCAD® was entitled “disruptive technology” by the EU commission, which funds the development of the software under the Horizon 2020 program. The German IT security specialist apsec, based in Großwallstadt, is the project coordinator for Cyberwiz and the exclusive distributor of the software in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Cyberwiz, critical infrastructures, securiCAD, apsec, foreseeti, cyber attacks, protection, cyber security, vulnerability assessment, visualization, security engineering


Germany, Sweden

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