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Resources and Energy efficiency: the REEMAIN projects seeks new approaches to industrial production processes

A new European project, REEMAIN, aiming at resource and energy efficient manufacturing kicks off in Valladolid this month. Drawing on the cutting-edge expertise of 16 partners from 6 countries, this 4-year project is co-funded by the EU and led by Fundación CARTIF.

REEMAIN’s overall purpose is to deliver innovative solutions for efficiency in the use of resources and renewable energy within manufacturing. Using extensive knowledge from production processes, energy simulation, resource planning and energy storage, the consortium will develop: - Innovation in technologies for enhanced use of renewable energy and energy storage – enabling a seamless integration in factory processes. - Predictive simulation models for production so as to optimise efforts, ensuring minimum demand of energy and resources, and developing more efficient production techniques. - Planning tools for managing factory energy and resources providing complete and customisable information on energy flows, carbon footprint, and how these relate to production processes, plant scheduling and sourcing options. These solutions will be trialled and validated at the Fraunhofer IWU ”Research Factory” before being demonstrated within three different manufacturing settings: Bossa textiles in Turkey, Gullon biscuits in Spain and the SCM foundry in Italy. REEMAIN will link into existing standards and eco-factory labelling concepts and propose new standardisation activities in the framework of CEN workshops, technical committees and standards. Within this framework, REEMAIN moves toward zero carbon manufacturing and Energy Efficiency 2.0 through the intelligent employment of renewable energy technologies and resource saving strategies that consider energy purchase, generation, conversion, distribution, utilization, control, storage, re-use in a holistic and integrated way.


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Spain, Italy, Türkiye