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Public perception of bio-based products

We are conducting a survey to find out what people actually know about bio-based products and how much is generally understood about the bioeconomy. What are bio-based products, for example, and what positive impact do you think they have on society, the economy and the environment?

What are bio-based products? Bio-based products are products derived wholly or partly from biological resources such as plants, trees or animals after suitable physical, chemical or biological treatments. Each bio-based product is characterized by its bio-based content or its bio-based carbon content. This is a simple declaration of how much of the material that makes up the product is derived from biomass. Products are defined as “intermediate” which can be added to other products as part of the manufacturing process, “material” that can be formed to make other products, “semi-finished product” which is a constituent part of a finished product or “final product” ready to be used. Two common misconceptions about bio-based products: - Misconception 1: “Bio-based products are biodegradable” This is not necessarily true. If a product is biodegradable, it can be decomposed by the actions of micro-organisms. This property does not depend on the resource basis of a material but on its chemical structure. In other words, some bio-based products are biodegradable, some are not. - Misconception 2: “Bio-based products are organic”. This is not necessarily true. Organic products are produced without the use of chemically-formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides. Again, some bio-based products are organic and some are not. About the BIOWAYS project: This survey is being conducted by the BIOWAYS project ( which is funded by Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (Grant Agreement No 760762). The objectives are: - To understand the characteristics and potential of bio-based products and applications - To enhance the visibility of bio-based products and applications - To encourage discussion about the potential of the bio-economy for society and - To increase awareness and knowledge of how bio-based products are used - To raise the interest of young students in the bio-based economy at large Thank you for your participation here


bioeconomy, consultation, public perception


Estonia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, United Kingdom