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Launch of SmokeFreeBrain pilots in Taiwan: smoking cessation for Taiwanese people using tools and service of EU projects

In recent years, the Taiwanese government has paid special attention to digitalizing services and promote smoking cessation projects using this policy. Taipei Medical University (TMU) can represent achievements including Disease map, CAMA, Health IOT, but also machine learning algorithms to predict the smoking cessation in Taiwan.

Since October 2016, the SmokeFreeBrain consortium has welcomed TMU as a new, non EU partner. TMU, as a SmokeFreeBrain project partner, is going to recruit more than 200 smokers from its hospitals as well as hundreds of mobile users. An updated and localized version of the SmokeFreeBrain So-Lo-Mo app (3M4Chan) will be released free in the Google Play for Taiwanese people. In this way, any person will be able to use this as supporting tool for smoking cessation. SmokeFreeBrain pilots in Taiwan are going to evaluate the effectiveness of this mobile app as well as support participants’ in smoking abstinence and reduction. The success measurement rate will be the nicotine test. The pilot defined inclusion and exclusion criteria, variables, socio demographics, health, clinical data, actigraphy while IRB ethical approval has already been approved. Who benefits from using the new service? A group of smokers will be benefit from tailored cessation interventions with integrated body weight management elements that take into consideration the prevailing local and cultural influences on diet and levels of physical activity. On top of this, the SmokeFreeBrain project will work more intensively in the exploitation and dissemination of its services, mainly due the immense commercial and research exploitation possibilities in Asia. Mobile technology adoption is growing the most in the Asian market. As a long term goal, the Asian low-middle income countries will be benefited by the EU smoking cessation policy. EU policy makers and business partners showed interest in the SOLOMO type of solution and support its commercialization in Asia. SmokeFreeBrain pilots in Taiwan will start in July 2017. TMU as a partner, acknowledges the coordinator, Prof. Panos Bamidis and the SmokefreeBrain consortium for allowing TMU to join this endeavour. “I am confident that this collaboration will earn scientific and business outcomes for both”, commented Dr Shabbir Syed-Abdul of TMU. For more information and services’ comparison, visit the official SmokeFreeBrain website: Project Coordinator: Panagiotis D. Bamidis Assoc. Prof., Medical School, Faculty of Health Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, PO Box 376, 54124, Thessaloniki, Greece Email: info_at_smokefreebrain_eu tel: +30-2310-999310 fax: +30-2310-999702


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