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The European Commission, together with several EU and Non-EU organisations, including EBN, is promoting the establishment of three International Centres (and Network of Centres) of European Research and Innovation through the Horizon 2020 Programme in Brazil (CEBRABIC), in China (ERICENA) and in the United States (NearUS).

These Centres will provide a comprehensive and diverse range of services to support and facilitate collaboration in the areas of research, innovation and business for their customers – including European research and technology organisations, universities, national and regional funding organisations, national and regional authorities, research infrastructures and networks, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. In order to better understand the needs of prospective European customers and ecosystem stakeholders when collaborating or partnering with research, innovation and entrepreneurial support organisations from Brazil, China and/or the U.S. the consortia promoting the three International Centres are inviting you to fill in the simple survey you can find at the following link. EBN members and their innovation ecosystem's contribution will facilitate the Centres to offer an efficient set of tailor-made services to better support European innovators to entry new markets. For more information contact Laura Lecci from the EBN Project Team or


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