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Announcing the release of the FREEWAT (FREE and open source tools for WATer resource management) open source software

The FREEWAT Project, after two years of successful activities in the field of water management, has entered the most exciting part of its ambitious scopes. The FREEWAT Consortium is pleased to announce the release of the open source FREEWAT platform v.0.4 through the FREEWAT web site at (registration is compulsory for statistical purposes)

Starting from this version 0.4 release, FREEWAT may be deployed for public usage, teaching and testing. FREEWAT is conceived as a composite plugin for the well-known GIS open source desktop software QGIS ( and it is designed as a modular ensemble of different tools. Some of them can be used independently, while some modules require the preliminary execution of other tools. Capabilities integrated in FREEWAT are: i) simulation of the hydrological cycle (including surface-/ground-water interaction and infiltration in unsaturated zone), by means of the code MODFLOW-2005 and MODFLOW-OWHM; ii) simulation of solute transport in the unsaturated/saturated zone, including density and viscosity dependent flow, applying codes MT3DMS, SEAWAT and part of the brand-new MT3D-USGS; iii) a module for water resource management and optimization of conjunctive use, including issues related to irrigation management, exploiting capabilities of MODFLOW-OWHM; iv) specific tools for the analysis, interpretation and visualization of hydrogeological and hydrochemical data and quality issues (akvaGIS module); v) a tool for time-series processing to support connection with server-side sensors, input data processing and advanced model calibration (OAT module); vi) a module for calibration, sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation based on UCODE_2014. By entering the download area, you will be able to download: • the FREEWAT plugin; • the FREEWAT User Manuals; • program executables of the integrated modules; • a large set of tutorials with related datasets for practicing with FREEWAT. A large number of training courses is organised up to July 2017. Please visit the webpage: for the complete list of courses. Should you be interested in organising a FREEWAT course at your institution, please contact the FREEWAT Coordinator Rudy Rossetto


water management, open source software