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Maritime Sector: Valletta Declaration Approved. Consorzio 906 and CS Mare Frontrunner

Speed ahead for the EU strategy for shipping for 2020 and beyond, focusing on decarbonisation, digitisation and competitiveness.

Speed ahead for the EU strategy for shipping for 2020 and beyond, focusing on decarbonisation, digitization and competitiveness. The relevant ministers of the 28, during the Council meeting in Luxembourg, provided their support to the Valletta Declaration, with which the EU Maltese Presidency outlined the common maritime policy guidelines over the next few years. The challenge now is represented by its implementation, on which the industry, represented at European level by Sea Europe and at Italian level by Consorzio 906 / Centro Servizi per il Mare, is already in pole position. The aim is to ensure that maritime transport remains an attractive mode for passenger and freight transport, becoming even 'green' and catalyzing investment and innovation. "We have been able to highlight the importance of the sector", said Transport responsible of Maltese Presidency David Kerr, who said that now "the political endorsement of the Valletta Declaration sends a clear signal to the Parliament, but above all to the EU Commission by providing a guide document to reflect on". From July 1st, the forthcoming EU presidency of Estonia, will continue to take action. Tallinn has ensured that it will focus on digitizing the maritime sector. In parallel, however, it will have to continue working on other issues, such as the reduction of emissions on which the Maltese presidency is concentrated until the end. This, along with the Italian Ministry of Transport and the EU Picasso project, has already given an initial idea of ​​the evolution in the field of maritime transport with the evacuation exercise Maltex-Evac conducted in May in collaboration with Costa Crociere, demonstrating how digital technologies make the difference in emergencies. A video of the event, realized by Consorzio 906 / Centro Servizi per il Mare, was shown to the 28 on the occasion of the Declaration of Valletta. This "is just the starting point for the next phase", said Secretary General of Sea Europe Christophe Tytkat on his visit to the Carnival Csmart training center in Almere. "We need to engage ourselves in a campaign to raise awareness and show the highest political level what the future of the maritime sector may look like", Tytkat explained. Important is the Italian participation in the various projects, coordinated by Consorzio 906 / Centro Servizi per il Mare, spokesman Evelin Zubin stressed that there is a logical link connecting them, thanks to EU Ten-T and Cef funds in synergy with the Miele project of the Italian Administration for the Digitization of Maritime Transport.


Competitiveness, decarbonisation, digitalisation