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The business contribution to the SDGs

Researchers from the EU-funded project GLOBAL VALUE - Managing business impacts on development have been attending the European Development Days 2017 to present the outcomes of three years of target oriented research on corporate impact measurement and management.

GLOBAL VALUE is one of the largest EU-funded research projects to date addressing the measurement and management of business impacts on global sustainable development. It aims to create knowledge, tools and resources that companies and their stakeholders can use to comprehensively assess and better manage their impacts. Launched in 2014, GLOBAL VALUE has been investigating how Multinational Corporations measure and manage their impacts on global sustainable development. The project also dealt with assessing how corporate activities are complementing or contradicting official development aid and shed light on how international competitiveness and responsible business practices can be mutually reinforced in developing countries. As Europe's premier gathering of development practitioners with more than 6,000 participants, the European Development Days 2017 were a perfect testing ground for two major outcomes of the GLOBAL VALUE project. On the one hand, participants had the opportunity to test for the first time a toolkit for Multinational Corporations and their stakeholders. The toolkit aims at providing transparency and guidance on how companies may better measure and manage their contribution to sustainable development. The toolkit is available here: . On the other hand, the GLOBAL VALUE consortium held a stakeholder lab to reflect on a set of policy recommendations based on empirical research conducted in Tanzania and Bangladesh. Representatives from the private sector, civil society and the public sector all joined in to discuss how governance in both developing and industrialized nations may be improved to promote more responsible business conduct. Look at the outcomes of the workshop and listen in to the discussions here: As the GLOBAL VALUE project is coming to a close, consortium partners have provided their vision for the future of corporate impact measurement and management and reflected on highlights from three years of project work. Highlights from GLOBAL VALUE and the European Development Days: The GLOBAL VALUE toolkit will continue to grow and improve after the official project's end on 30 June 2017.


CSR, impact assessment, development, multinational corporations, methods and tools, policy recommendations, governance


Austria, Bangladesh, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Tanzania, United Kingdom

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