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Nanomedicine Translation around the globe - How to proper address regulatory processes for nanomedicines in different countries.

ENATRANS, the pathfinder for Nanobiomedical Translation, extends its compendium for nanomedicine entrepreneurs, SMEs and researchers with synopses of regulation processes in countries of major interest. Therefore packages with basic information on regulatory processes for USA, China, Japan, India, Brazil and South Korea are currently available on ENATRANS website.

SMEs providing innovative solutions for healthcare and willing to address new markets worldwide are often facing the challenge of mastering individual national regulatory processes as pre-requisite to enter the respective national markets. Complementary to the compendium on testing, regulation and reimbursement of Nanomedicine for EU countries published in 2016, ENATRANS provides now an extension for a selection of non-European Countries with synopses on their overall regulatory systems for both medicinal products and medical devices. In addition to the links to the responsible authorities and official texts, an overview of the regulatory processes and procedures are available, simplifying thus the first approaches. BASIC INFORMATION PACKAGES FOR: USA, CHINA, JAPAN, INDIA, BRAZIL AND SOUTH KOREA ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT: CONTACTS: ENATRANS - WP3 “Access of SMEs to the ecosystem” Dr. Klaus-Michael Weltring ENATRANS – Coordinator Nicolas Gouze


Nanomedicine, Translation, Regulation, international