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Content archived on 2023-04-03

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Small-scale Doppler effect to help cyclists stay safe - PROSPECT towards it next milestone

The PROSPECT project is slowly reaching its next and a very important milestone: vehicle demonstrators, mobile driving simulator, realistic pedestrian and cyclist dummies including platform propulsion system are ready for further validation and testing. To make the current achievements better understandable, the Coordinator of the project Andres Aparicio was interviewed by independent journalists of HORIZON The EU Research & Innovation Magazine.

The past decade has seen significant progress on active pedestrian safety, as a result of advances in video and radar technology. In the intelligent vehicle domain, this has recently culminated in the market introduction of first-generation active pedestrian safety systems, which can perform autonomous emergency braking (AEB-PED) in case of critical traffic situations. PROSPECT will significantly improve the effectiveness of active VRU safety systems compared to those currently on the market. In the article entitled ´Small-scale Doppler effect to help cyclists stay safe´ Andres Aparicio explains the idea of developed a sophisticated radar and car-mounted camera system that can provide advance detection of cyclists and pedestrians at intersections. The PROSPECT systems increase not only the comfort of drivers but as well safety of cyclists and other Vulnerable Road Users. We invite you to read about what we do in the PROSPECT and about our current achievements!


Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), Active Safety, VRU protection system