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Content archived on 2023-04-03

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H2020 FIESTA-IoT: Internet-of-Things Experiment as a Service - 4th open call, deadline 18 September

Nowadays, researchers take advantage of IoT testbeds to experiment with new IoT products and services. However, they are still not offered easy ways to combine infrastructures and services from multiple testbeds. H2020 FIESTA fills this gap, through offering a novel platform that connects diverse testbeds and provides a single entry point for researchers to access IoT resources from multiple experimental infrastructures based on a dynamic Experiment-as-a-Service paradigm.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) provides exciting opportunities for researchers and innovators, who can leverage data and services from numerous internet connected devices in order to build novel products. In this context researchers take advantage of their own IoT experimental infrastructures (i.e. testbeds), yet they are not provided with easy ways of sharing and accessing resources across multiple testbeds. In order to remedy this limitation, the FIESTA-IoT project ( develops and provides a novel platform for IoT Experimentation as a Service (EaaS), which allows researchers and experimenters to define and execute data-intensive experiments on top of heterogeneous sets of IoT testbeds. The FIESTA-IoT experimental infrastructure enables the aggregation of data streams and services from diverse IoT platforms (or testbeds) according to a common standards-based data model, namely the FIESTA-IoT ontology. Moreover, FIESTA-IoT specifies an infrastructure agnostic testbed provider interface (TPI), which allows testbed providers to integrate their infrastructures with the FIESTA platform. Based on the FIESTA TPI and IoT ontology, the project ensures interoperability across diverse testbeds, while making their data and services available to experimenters in testbed-agnostic manner. Hence, the FIESTA-IoT EaaS model enables experimenters, developers and innovators to design interoperable, testbed agnostic applications, such as applications that are able to extract meaningful knowledge from sensor data that are captured from diverse IoT infrastructures. In practice, this facilitates the design and deployment of smarter IoT applications and experiments. The FIESTA infrastruture is characterized as a meta-Cloud or meta-testbed, which intercepts information and services from multiple IoT testbeds. This meta-Cloud infrastructure is supported by a registry of IoT resources, which enables experimenters to dynamically select and access the resources that they need for their experiments. Moreover, FIESTA provides a set of user-friendly interfaces for defining, implementing and deploying experiments, with minimal or even zero IoT programming effort. The FIESTA platform is already accessible to researchers, experimenters and testbed owners, both within the FIESTA consortium, but also third-parties, notably winners of the FIESTA open calls for novel experiments and integration of new testbeds. Following a round of three successful open calls, the consortium invites third-parties to participate to the fourth open call of the project, which closes September 18th, 2017. Details on the open call are available at:


IoT, Experiments, Internet-of-Things, Testbeds, Ontologies, IoT Registries, EaaS


Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom