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Content archived on 2023-04-03

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Investments for decarbonisation and blue economy till 2022

Malta, 06-10-17 – Karmenu Vella European Commissione for Environment, Maritime affairs and Fisheries defined them as “super heroes of the modern era”. He refers to an heterogenous set of entrepreneurs coming from all over the world that, jointly with various Governments, publicly announced at the Our Ocean Conference in Malta various innovative solutions for the safeguard of the delicate and invaluable maritime ecosystem. This morning has been admitted, in front of representatives of the United Nations, about 10 Chiefs of Government and 30 Ministers, the project of “Federazione Imprese” foreseeing the investment of EUR 15 million in strategic initiatives of de-carbonization and blue economy by 2022, through the new foundation CSMARE, combining the private sphere with public participation. The 5 and 6 October, The European Union hosted in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean, the 2017 edition of the International Conference “Our Ocean", mobilizing Governments, National and International Institutions, industrial clusters, and enterprises in order to commit them to use innovative instruments to save the life of our oceans. In this respect, “Federazione Imprese” has committed itself to finance, through the CSMARE Foundation, strategic actions such as the use of alternative fuels like the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Bio-LNG, the last one produced by urban/fishing/agricultural wastes. This engagement represents a further achievement for the 30.000 enterprises of which “Federazione Imprese” is expression in the partnership with CONFALIS: an achievement that will allow it to continue its commitment following the European strategic guidelines of Digitalization, De-carbonization, and skill building. Among the 18 initiatives of blue economy allowed today at the Our Ocean Conference, the 3 Italians stand out. From tomorrow, the commitment made in front of the International Community will be object of constant interest by the global institutions, and its results will be publicly monitored through the website together with the 250 actions implemented at a global level since 2014, for a total investment of more than 8 Billion € and about 10 Million square kilometres of new Marine Protected Area (MPA). Evelin Zubin, President of “Fondazione Imprese” reveals: “It is with satisfaction that we found the complementarity between our initiative and the commitment made by the RCCL (Royal Caribbean Cruise Line) which demonstrates that regardless of the size, all enterprises can create synergies with realities engaged at a global level for the achievement of the common good through a strong representation”. “Federazione Imprese” is a strategic interlocutor facilitating the dialogue with the International Institutions, moreover it addresses towards the National context the resources and the European expertise which are necessary for the development of the competitivity on the national and global market, putting them at the disposal of thousands of enterprises associated in more than 150 fora.


oceans, clean tecnologies, lng, bio-lng