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Conformity of results of control of bee families by the device of acoustic control Apivox Auditor, to researches of the American scientists.

The main purpose of our experimenters, with the help of our device Apivox Auditor, is confirmation of the statement, that the method of acoustic control gives accurate and reliable results about the state of bee families at different moments of their life. We make films about our small experiments, confirming their conduction and their results. As one of positive results, we consider the experiment on obtaining control data on the state of bees during one day of honey collection ....

We already wrote, that in addition to the basic signals of the bees, associated with work in the nest and on the honey collection, there are also another signals, corresponding to the changes in the life of the bee family. For example, to the transition from a state of rest to the beginning of honey collecting activity, to the transition from mass collection of honey to its mass processing, to assessment of the status of the queen in the family, to intensification of all types of work in the hive, etc. These signals were called modulating signals, that is, signals, changing the background of a family's life and, accordingly, the background of its acoustic signals.     American scientists conducted very interesting experiments in order to fixate all types of modulating signals, and after this, they created a diagram of their changes throughout the day. On the diagram, two lines show the activity of the modulating signal and activity of dances of bees during one working day in the summer. Peaks of signals are clearly visible. The peaks of the modulating signals are visible early in the morning before beginning of flights, and in the evening, at the end of active flights, when the family moves to mass processing of brought nectar. The peak of bee dancings is at the maximum level at the time of maximal honey collection activity, at the time of the greatest production of nectar in nature. Small peaks and dips perfectly show, that this is an oscillatory process of a self-adjusting system that does not have a single command center, which fully corresponds to the ideas of scientists about the organization of the life of bee family.        In addition to routine inspections and measurements, we conducted a series of own measurements in one family of bees, during the day. And we made a short film in order to show the result of our work. Animated screenshots and a chart of American scientists are in one frame. The marker shows the time when measurements were made, with an accuracy of up to one hour, and shows the corresponding results of American scientists. The dinamics of results are very similar, taking into account, that we did not know the exact dates when the experiment was conducted in the US. This leads to some deviation of the activity maximums in time, as the time and season picture of temperature and production of nectar in our zone, differs from that in the USA.    Nevertheless, the result is very important for us. It shows, that APIVOX AUDITOR correctly evaluate current condition of the bee family. It's diagnosis fully corresponds to the real conditions of bee family life activity, which is in it's turn, confirmed by studies of authoritative scientists.


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