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Content archived on 2023-04-12

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A new application for acoustic control of bee families APIVOX AUDITOR, will allow people with limited capabilities to be actively used in beekeeping.

The application for smartphones based on Android OS - Apivox Auditor, designed for quick control of bees without opening hives, passed the second testing season in apiaries. The application is based on the theory of acoustic control and this means that the beekeeper does not need to open the hive, in order to find out what is the state the bees at the moment. Such an approach to beekeeping, can allow for people with limited capabilities, to be involved in this not simple business.

A simple modification of the microphone for Apivox Auditor app, will allow people with limited capabilities to conduct diagnostics of the state of bees on small personal and large industrial stationary apiary. Monitoring the condition of bees families in a large apiary, usually takes a lot of time and need a lot of efforts from beekeepers and their assistants, preventing them from doing other necessary work. With the help of Apivox Auditor, people with limited capabilities can perform as much work, as a team of a few people. But the bees will not be disturbed, and even a drop of honey will not be lost. Such work in the pre-swarming period, will help to keep on a large apiary a lot of swarms, on sums, exceeding the sums of payments for a person with limited capabilities, for many times. In addition, we must not forget that using this way, a large number of people can returned to normal life, which is now difficult to call now - the life. If you use Apivox Auditor in the apiary, the person with limited capabilities can practically become the main beekeeper, if he has knowledge and experience, of course. But learning will not be a problem, if a person understands, that this will radically change his life to better. The only time when physical assistance could be needed, is the spring, during the expansion of families, when taking measures against swarming, at the beginning of the honey collection and when selecting honey from the hives. At all other time, a person limited capabilities can easily cope with the control of a large apiary.


beekeeping, people with limited capabilities


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