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Contributing to faster and more seamless air transport

Air transport needs to be well connected to other transport modes in order to offer smooth travel for passengers. An EU initiative mapped rail links to airports across Europe and established a forum on encouraging co-modal transport to achieve seamless door-to-door mobility.

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Today, more than ever, faster and more seamless transport is associated with a better standard of living, as well as considerable savings in time and money. The EU is constantly looking at ways to improve mobility, and one way to do this is by integrating different transport modes. The EU-funded project MODAIR (Co-modal airport) brought together representatives from air, rail and urban transport to upgrade co-modality and intermodality for European airport passengers. MODAIR built on previously funded EU projects to map current intermodal and co-modal options for European airports. A database of the current state of co-modal connectivity in European airports was set up to support project activities. Based on all the collected data, a report on intermodal passenger needs was produced. It proposed technology and logistical solutions to enhance co-modal links. These include better interconnected information exchange systems that provide single reservation and single ticketing abilities for an entire journey where several transport modes are foreseen, and problems with luggage transfer between transport modes. MODAIR also mapped all high-speed train links connected to airports in all EU Member States. In addition, it defined a new discussion platform – the European Forum on Airport Passenger Intermodality (EFAPI) – articulating an overall vision on sustainable and seamless door-to-door intermodal passenger travel and information services. EFAPI is mainly made up of key air, rail and urban transport actors that contribute to the development and improvement of co-modality and intermodality for passengers in European airports. Lastly, the project delivered a roadmap for future research paths. By bringing together air and rail stakeholders, as well as intermodality and transport experts, MODAIR will contribute to preparing future EU research and technological development policy.


Air transport, rail links, airports, co-modal transport, intermodality

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