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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Best practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Environments

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Support for urban security

Research on secure urban environments can provide policymakers with the tools they need to implement necessary measures.

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Urban security is a crucial process across Europe, but it varies from country to country in terms of both approach and focus. Therefore, it is important to find a methodology that works and supports the common goal of creating safer living conditions and resilience. This was one of the main aims of the EU-funded project BESECURE (Best practice enhancers for security in urban environments). The initiative sought support for local policymakers in their efforts to heighten and apply advanced urban zone security measures. The project identified a need for finding and handling the primary symptoms that impact urban security in order to prevent any escalation in threatening scenarios. Utilising a best practice approach by combining interlinked datasets to function as a warning system is the most effective method to cover all needs across countries. BESECURE grouped its four main objectives in the categories knowledge, understand, develop and transfer, which appropriately describe the pattern of what achieving urban security entails. When policymakers have the right tools based on background material, as well as innovative data, they can create the appropriate policies to effectively instil measures of urban security. Thus, key project activities involve not only research but also the creation of a support tool and eight case studies in order to arrive at an integrated policy design support platform. A prototype of the platform was created and this propelled the internal project development plan. Gathered datasets were processed and used for an evidence-based policy proposal. Dissemination activities included a project symposium with panel discussions, the publication of a booklet and a video.


Urban security, policymakers, security measures, policies

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