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Faroe Islands and information for resident researchers

An EU team brought the EURAXESS mobility network to the Faroe Islands. Local Contact Points (LCPs) were established at research and other agencies, with the project organising training and publishing information about living on the Islands.

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The Faroe Islands are situated between Norway and Iceland, north of Scotland, and the archipelago is an autonomous part of Denmark. EURAXESS is a European information service supporting the mobility of researchers. With the support of EU funding, the project ESNFO ('EURAXESS service network Faroe Islands) established a network of mobility centres, plus LCPs at research institutions and public authorities. Additionally, the project has contributed to policymaking at national and European levels. The Faroese Bridgehead Organisation was established at the Faroese Research Council in January 2013. The organisation is responsible for coordinating the mobility network with other EURAXESS members. A management team was established, after which a Project Initiation Document was published. A Steering Group was also formed, first meeting in February 2013. By the end of March 2013, LCPs were appointed at nine research organisations, in addition to the private sector and several government agencies. The project established communication channels with a variety of government agencies having an interest in mobility issues. From these and other agencies, information about living and working on the Faroe Islands was gathered and published on the Faroese EURAXESS web portal. The project held two workshops on mobility issues for staff of the service centres, plus two training seminars for LCPs. Instructions to relevant staff members were compiled as a handbook, also published on the web portal. A comprehensive document on all aspects of living in the Faroe Islands was similarly published as a Mobility Guide for incoming researchers. ESNFO brought the Faroe Islands into the EURAXESS network, and assisted the island authorities in responding to queries about researcher mobility. The project finished in 2014. The Ministry of Education, Research and Culture, the Faroese Research Council and the administration of the University of the Faroe Islands will work together ensure the continuous operation of the EURAXESS services.


Faroe Islands, local contact points, mobility of researchers

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