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EU-Ukrainian Mathematicians for Life Sciences

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EU-Ukrainian ties in sciences

EU and Ukraine mathematicians joined forces to advance life sciences in unprecedented ways.

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In recent years, Ukraine has been inching closer to Europe through several EU-funded projects. In academics, Ukraine's mathematicians teamed up with their European counterparts to overcome the barriers between biosciences and mathematics, creating exchanges that could radically boost research in life sciences. This was achieved through the EU-funded project EUMLS (EU-Ukrainian mathematicians for life sciences). Bringing Ukrainian mathematicians together with those from Germany, Italy and Norway, the project team conducted in-depth research in computational life science. It explored topics such as applying ordinal time series to electroencephalograms, analysing experimental anatomical and biological data, and modelling unsteady blood flows in the aorta. The team produced numerous scientific publications on different topics within the field. It examined strengthening higher education in computational life sciences in Ukraine, in addition to supporting an exclusively Ukrainian seminar on mathematics and medicine. These are exciting developments in the emerging field of biomathematics. They build on ever-increasing computing power, which facilitates complex research in areas such as genomics and furthers in silico modelling. A series of workshops held in Ukraine advanced the project's aims by attracting researchers and other stakeholders in relevant disciplines. The emerging sustainable partnership of mathematicians working on a myriad of applications will surely benefit life sciences and further research in the field.


Life sciences, mathematicians, biosciences, EUMLS, biomathematics

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