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Joint Programming Initiative Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe - Coordination and Support Action

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EU-wide efforts to better understand and respond to climate change

Research, knowledge dissemination and innovation will play a vital role in creating new opportunities for Europe's sustainable development and in overcoming the challenges posed by climate change. An EU initiative explored how this can be best achieved.

Climate Change and Environment

Europe aspires to be the world's most dynamic knowledge-based economy, but it must take into consideration the impacts caused by a changing climate and weather patterns. These include the need to transform energy systems by ending reliance on fossil fuels, and to protect EU citizens, business and the natural environment from climate risks. The EU-funded JPI CLIMATE CSA (Joint programming initiative connecting climate knowledge for Europe - Coordination and Support Action) project provided a platform for achieving these aims. Overall, the objective was to align national research priorities with a jointly agreed strategic research agenda (SRA) that enhances initiatives at the European level. To foster collaboration among 14 European countries, 2 joint calls were launched that resulted in over 15 cross-border research projects. Project partners developed an implementation plan based on the SRA. The plan helps to foster integration at different levels and to support effective implementation planning. They revised the SRA to focus on three main challenges: understanding the processes and consequences of climate change; improving knowledge on climate-related decision-making processes and measures; and researching sustainable societal transformation in the context of climate change. The JPI CLIMATE CSA team created an outreach and liaison strategy to improve awareness and understanding of the project's goals and accomplishments among partners. It also devised procedural guidelines for implementing joint activities. Project outcomes led to a series of strategic documents made available on the project website. These include four reports on the development of climate services, a white paper on advancements in decadal climate predictability, a comprehensive survey on climate modelling and a factsheet on societal transformation in the face of climate change. Fourteen thematic workshops were held to address various themes. The work of JPI CLIMATE CSA will help promote world-class science and industrial leadership, and makes a significant contribution to the European response to the challenges of climate change.


Climate change, sustainable development, JPI CLIMATE CSA, strategic research agenda

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