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Utilising the new bandwidth

An EU group was set up to coordinate research into the promising field of cognitive radio networking (CRN). Results consist of novel ways of utilising newly available parts of the spectrum, involving new protocols, plus improved communications secrecy.

Digital Economy

CRN is generally considered the future of wireless computer networking. Now that American and European regulators have made available certain hitherto restricted parts of the radio spectrum, pursuing CRN needs a coordinated research effort. The EU-funded AGILENET (Adaptive, heterogeneous, incentive-compatible, localized and secure networking) project aimed to provide such coordination. Hence, the two-member partnership intended to research fundamental CRN issues, leading to new networking protocols able to accommodate the highly variable conditions affecting CRN. The undertaking ran for three years to late 2014. Initial work concerned development of methods to efficiently utilise the radio spectrum. The team considered contemporary systems and upcoming CRN, developing a framework for automated evaluation of various cognitive platforms. Applications include improved utilisation of the licensed and unlicensed spectra. Project research, particularly concerning full-duplex operation, extended the state of the art in spectrum utilisation. The second research area involved developing efficient topology management protocols suitable for rapidly varying channel conditions. Studies addressed several problems affecting current and future networks. Results yielded a dynamic network-control framework where secondary users support primary users, as well as a method for improving energy expenditure. Lastly, the team investigated communications security in agile wireless networks. Outcomes include the first dynamic control framework for a variable network and other highly technical developments that provide perfectly secret communications and networking. The AGILENET project coordinated research efforts concerning CRN. Outcomes led to improvements in CRN spectrum utilisation, responsiveness and security.


Cognitive Radio Networking, networking, radio spectrum, networking protocols, communications security

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