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IAPP for @utomatic Radio Access Network PLANning and optimisation (IAPP@RANPLAN)

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Better broadband networks

An EU team has developed associations among three universities. The research involved wireless broadband networks, potentially leading to significant performance improvement combined with lower power requirements.

Digital Economy

The EU-funded IAPP@RANPLAN (IAPP for @utomatic radio access network planning and optimisation (IAPP@RANPLAN)) project existed to foster relationships among two British universities and one Swedish. The relationships were intended to foster study of automatic planning and optimisation of various tools for broadband radio access networks. Such tools, destined for commercialisation, help to optimise certain applications on 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Benefits include a 20-30 % performance improvement, plus greater environmental and health friendliness. The project ran between late 2008 and late 2012. Work during the first reporting period involved development of fast and accurate models and optimisation algorithms. Developments included automatic planning and optimisation across three application areas: high-speed packet access, worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX), and heterogeneous radio access networks (HRANs). All three cases involved requirements analyses. The WiMAX programme included development of coverage and capacity models, and creation of a static system level simulator. The HRAN work involved the development of a framework covering various radio technologies, plus both indoor and outdoor scenarios. The project yielded a set of advanced software tools, effective for various networking technologies and usage situations. Such tools offer a significant performance improvement while lowering power consumption.


Broadband networks, radio access network, optimisation algorithms, radio technologies, networking technologies

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