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Zero Emissions Platform supPORT secretariat

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Technology to combat climate change

Minimising climate change is the key goal for a new EU platform developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

Climate Change and Environment

Too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere is leading to increased global warming and irreversible climate change. To avert rising global temperatures, we need a joint global effort focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy and CCS. The EU is implementing CCS through the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP), a collaboration of industry, non-governmental organisations and research organisations. The ZEPPORT (Zero Emissions Platform support secretariat) initiative has successfully provided essential coordination and administrative support to ZEP for the past 6 years. Administrative support covered activities like organisational processes, networking, fundraising, and financial management for ZEP's various advisory bodies, committees and working groups. Smooth communications were maintained through databases, newsletters, website updates and annual reports as well as tight financial audits. As ZEP aims its CCS technologies to be commercially available from 2020, professional secretariat support through ZEPPORT during this stage was crucial. If CCS technology limits the impact of climate change through decreased CO2 in the atmosphere, ZEPPORT may indirectly also have implications for large socioeconomic impact.


Climate change, carbon capture and storage, CCS, CO2, zero emissions

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