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Teaching nuclear safety

An EU team is developing a training and information programme for Europe's nuclear stakeholders. First-year progress includes creation of safety content for several modules, review of existing training schemes and collation of training proposals.

Climate Change and Environment

In March 2011, a severe tsunami damaged Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, resulting in radiation leakage. Subsequently, the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation and the Commissioner for Energy jointly proposed a nuclear training and information initiative for Europe. The EU-funded NUSHARE (Project for sharing & growing nuclear safety culture competence) project is responsible for realising the goal. Objectives include developing and implementing education, training and information programmes, intended to improve Europe's nuclear safety culture. The project targets three groups: policymakers and agency leaders, staff of nuclear regulators and safety organisations, and electricity and other utilities companies. The project runs for four years from the start of 2013 to the end of 2016. Work during the first reporting period consisted of a study to design the information actions. The initial target group was split into two subgroups: those directly involved in the decision-making process, and those who influence the process. Researchers created content for various information modules: radiation, mixed oxide fuel and reprocessing, safety management and socioeconomic questions. Other work involved reviewing existing training programmes or the needs for training programmes. The team has detailed the findings in a report. A preliminary stakeholder meeting included 20 experts, and the project organised follow-up meetings to revise the draft training programme. A subsequent event attracted 55 stakeholders. Lastly, the group has documented existing international programmes and participated in international workshops about safety culture. The stage involved review of key topics. Team members contacted potential training contributors, providers and users; 14 proposals from different organisations were received and are being analysed. The group also prepared a preliminary schedule for implementation. The NUSHARE project has made progress towards new training programmes that promote a safety culture in the nuclear industry. Outcomes will ultimately include improved international emergency preparedness and communication, and a standard safety culture throughout Europe.


Nuclear, nuclear safety, radiation, nuclear training, safety culture

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